World of Pires
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The Comb Pire e-book

Life for a comb named Kent D. Luxe is rough. His owner is bald, broke and trying to sell him. After an accident transforms him into a Pire, he resorts to doing bad things for a good cause.


Kent D. Luxe and a hairbrush named Sally Beaty are gathering dust on top of an old dresser. Down to his last dime, Kent's owner Bob tries to sell him, but no one wants a used comb. Instead, they separate during an eviction.

On an adventure, that takes Kent into the sewer, the ocean and finally the beach, a bite from The Mosquito Pire brings him to life. He saves a dying tube of lipstick from melting and then brings his friend Sally to life. Later, on a search for Bob, Kent and his friends discover a dark secret about his old landlord and they try to set things right. 

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The Egg Pire e-book
Eric, an egg, needed a warm nest and a caring mother in order to hatch. After the farmer's dog took his mother away, his dream of becoming a great rooster felt impossible to reach.

On an adventure that takes an egg named Eric through farms and meadows, he comes across some very odd substitute mothers. If he is to break free of his shell, he must do it soon. In the end, he finds courage and sets out on his own to hatch and become what he was destine to be.
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The Mosquito Pire

 The swamp is a dangerous place for a Mosquito. Felix hatched late, his wings failed to develop and winter is around the corner. He discovers a way to live forever, but it just might be more treacherous than the swamp.

Felix G. Mosquito and his friends must fight their way across the treacherous swamp to the meadow, where they hope to find safety, but not everything works out as planned. Along the way, they meet deadly characters and learn valuable lessons about life. 
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